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Events Overview

Detail of when specific events are triggered in the Ally platform


The following events relates to the Appointment entity:

EventTriggered whenNotes
appointment.createdWhen the Appointment is first createdThis event only triggers once in the lifecycle of an appointment
appointment.scheduledWhen the Appointment has a valid windowId added to itFor Appointments created via the API or Dashboard this event may trigger very close to the appointment.created event
appointment.updatedWhen the Appointment is updatedCertain Ally performed operational actions will cause this event to be triggered, even in some circumstances where the received payload does not change so this event should not be used to trigger messaging such as emails to external recipients
appointment.completedWhen the Appointment is completed by the PractitionerThis event only triggers once in the lifecycle of an appointment
appointment.cancelledWhen the Appointment is cancelled, or when Ally Operations updates the cancellation reason and related metadata

Additional Events

If you wish to use additional events not listed on this page please contact Ally Support