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Authentication Options

This page provides details of other authentication methods to use should you wish to authenticate request to our API directly from a front end application.

Most calls require you to be authenticated in order to access and use the Ally API.
Depending on your integration type, you can use:

  • API Key - An access token to use if you are integrating our API directly from your backend systems
  • Firebase authentication - If you are accessing our API from your frontend application

API key

You should use access tokens if you want to access your users' data programmatically. You are assigned an API key during organisation signup. You can always disable the old API key or generate a new one via Ally Health app.

Firebase authentication

Firebase authentication is the easiest and most straightforward authentication mechanism if you are using our API from within your own frontend application. We will create a tenant for your organisation on the Firebase authentication so all your users are securely isolated from any other tenant in our system and also create a Service Account key to use on your frontend.

Please contact support to setup Firebase authentication.