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Create an appointment from the dashboard

This step-by-step guide explains how to create an appointment using this dashboard.

Step-by-step Guide

Creating an appointment is the most important flow on the Ally Health platform. Using the dashboard you can create clinically controlled appointments for a range of care tasks from phlebotomy to post-op tasks such as suture removal or wound dressing changes.

Navigate to the Appointments tab in the dashboardYou will require a user with the role of Administrator, Developer or Operations in order to create an Appointment in the system
Click the "Create new appointment" button
Add patient detailsChoose an existing patient or add a new patient
Confirm contact mobile phone numberThis is important as reminders are sent to this phone number and it can be used for communication on the day of the appointment
Choose the clinical care requiredThe supported tasks are defined by the Ally Clinical care team. Please speak with your account manager if the task you require is not present or if you require an existing care task to be customised for your organisation
Select a timeslotIf no dates are selectable then we do not have availability to perform this task, in the chosen location
Add notes and referenceThese notes are specific to this appointment, and are seen by the Practitioner who carries out the care task for the Patient

You may optionally provide an External reference. This reference is recorded in our system and you are able to search using this reference. An example of a useful reference could be the order number from your system
Review your appointmentCheck that the details are correct
Click the "Create Appointment" buttonThis will create an appointment in our system, and send the patient an SMS message confirming the selected time window for the appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can appointments take place?
Appointments can take place in any location in our coverage area, which currently covers 75% of the United Kingdom population.